Cut Flowers

 Recut flower stems under water with a sharp knife. Remove a ½ ” – 1″ portion of the stem, plus any leaves that will be below the water line.

  •  Always keep flowers in a cool location – away from heat, drafts, and direct sunlight.
  •  Use floral preservative, available from your FTD® Florist to make your flowers last longer.
  •  Without preservative, recut flower stems, change the water, and clean container daily.
    Floral Arrangements
  •  Add water daily to bouquets arranged in floral foam.
  •  Place arrangements in cool place away from heat, drafts, and direct sunlight.

Flowers to Wear

  •  Carry corsages and other body flowers in the florist’s box to your destination. Pin or put them on once you’re inside.
  •  Guard flowers from sudden exposure to cold air.
  •  Always wear flowers blossoms up, stems down.